Amanda Palmer


A beautiful package to accompany the release of New Zealand Survival Songs, this item is available to pre-order online

The package contains:

  • a high-quality 8x10"" archival matte giclee print of the album cover photograph, signed by Amanda
  • a faux-New York Times style pull-out article written by Amanda about the songs and her time in New Zealand, printed on 100% recycled paper
  • a download card the New Zealand Survival Songs Digital EP
  • all packaged together in a custom made and hand stamped envelope

PLEASE NOTE: The EP is a DIGITAL-ONLY EP, you will receive a code within the package to download the EP, but there is no physical music included in this package. These packages are being made to order, and will go into production when the pre-order period closes. We estimate that they will ship by the end of February 2024. "